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Are You a Resourceful Brewery?

Why is being resourceful important?

This is what we could save together


Of malt per hl of beer produced. 


Brewing chemicals used annually. 


Ambient water per 100L of beer produced.


kWh per hl of beer produced.


CO2 used in the brewery.


of CO2 per hl of beer produced.

How we create brewery based resourcefulness

1 / Audit Process

We conduct on-site audits of breweries, focusing on one or two specific areas, such as water, gas, electricity, CO2, or brewhouse efficiency. These audits are conducted by a former brewery management level auditor and typically take one working day to complete. The purpose of the audit is to find all the processes that could be improved.

2 / Quantification 

This stage quantifies the processes highlighted in the audit that could be improved. It also quantifies the potential savings of the proposed process-based solutions in terms of usage savings (Q), cost savings (£), and environmental savings (CO2e)

3 / Report and Actions

A full detailed report with video analysis is then issued. The report will quantify all problem areas, as well as process-based solutions to these problems and how these solutions will reduce costs to your business and the planet. Also included is visualisation of the savings. To see more on how the savings are reported, check out our case study list here.

Get to Know Us

Watch the video to hear all about Resourcefulness and Brew Resourceful as told by our founder - Chris

Social Enterprise

At Brew Resourceful at least 50% of the profits will be distributed into helping the craft brewing industry become more resourceful. This will be achieved by funding into one or more of these pathways:

  • Grants for Craft Breweries for equipment relating to resourcefulness

  • Funding for research and development in topics relating to resourcefulness

  • Funding for product development relating to resourcefulness 

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