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Image by Crystal Kwok

Case Studies

Want to learn about how Brew Resourceful is helping some of the craft beer industry's best breweries better their resourcefulness? Check them out below...



7.6m litres of water saved at Northern Monk

We saved 7,608,500L of water at Northern Monk, which equates to £41,000 in annual cost savings. This brought them to the industry standard of 7.9hl of water per hl of beer. 


7.8% increase in brewhouse efficiency at Full Circle Brew Co

We partnered with Full Circle Brew Co and helped them add 7.7% in brewhouse efficiency to become an impressive 95.8% efficient in their brewhouse. This recovered £15k in malt costs and 12.5 tonnes of CO2e a year.



£23,000 of chemicals saved a year at Northern Monk

We worked with Northern Monk to reduce their chemical consumption by 11,475l a year. For NMBc this equates to £23k in cost savings per year and 35,916 kgCO2e of savings a year.


50% reduction in peracetic acid consumption at Full Circle Brew Co

Working with Full Circle Brew Co in Newcastle we managed to safely reduce their peracetic acid usage by 50%. This equates to £1,001 a year in savings and 1.5 tonnes of CO2e saved per year. 

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